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  1. we defeated the second best team in the world despite the mistakes in the throw-in of our debutant hooker (who instead did very well in scrum).
    Fixing this problem, we have further room for improvement!!!

  2. Will be very interesting to see on Saturday if Ireland can bounce back. Hope it goes down to the third test

  3. The Irish kicked away too much possession. Aki & Henshaw were terrible in the midfield. They were too selfish with the ball in hand. They should both be dropped. Ringrose is a much better centre.

  4. Terrible ref and terrible kiwi ref at tmo why he overturn izzys try nothing wrong with that you idiot

  5. Looks like the northern hemisphere is no match for the southern hemisphere

  6. is this Ireland team that the world said that they can beat the ABS????i think the world is dreaming cos the wallabies handle them easy imagine wat the mighty ABs would do to this Irish team hhhh half a century score or a century if the ABs wills it hhhh

  7. Most Aussie eyes will be watching the World Cup Satdy night in Russia when the second rugby test is played,good luck Wallabies.
    Will keep an eye on this.

  8. What a load of BS. Don't call it "Wallabies vs Ireland highlights" when it's clearly just the Wallabies good bits. No sign of the disallowed tries or the contentious decisions. I only clicked on it to see the Stockdale tackle, but no sign of it either!! Poor form from the aussies media as per usual.

  9. Ireland had made a lot of changes to the team from the one that won the 6 nations. JS seems to be giving some of the new lads the chance

  10. Interesting call to overturn the try from Israel Folau. Not sure if there was any direct influence from the foul play. Ireland seemed a little off too compared to their Six Nations exploits this past season

  11. This is the Irish response to the game. Say the following phrase as fast as you can "WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED". Just a bit of banter. Ireland are still a good team.

  12. Well Done Wallabies. Irishman here and I can tell you that the toughts up here is that we would go down and win the series 3-0. We underestimated you and you made us pay. Dont listen to anybody using the "building a world cup sqaud" bullshit excuse. you guys were Dissallowed a try for ( in my opinion) no reason at all and We were gifted 6 points from Pocock doing absolutey nothing wrong! Should have been more like 25-3 I think. Funny thing is were were actually winning when the full Strenght team came on. They couldnt close out the game simply because you were the better team. Its gonna be an intresting Series but You have given us a Much needed wake up call.

  13. Wtf was that tmo call against Adam Coleman? he was committed to a tackle in which he thought the irish player was getting the ball u see it all the time in rugby, but this time it somehow overturns a good try that had nothing to do with that play. There was some really good rugby being played over the weekend but honestly it can be shadowed by some poor and soft decisions by the refs.

  14. Ireland were not on top form and that match could have easily swung the other way, Ireland had two tries overruled and one guaranteed try blocked over practically nothing in any other reffs eyes. An honest aussie fan will know this…don't get too cocky now boys, wait till next week.

  15. Great clash of styles. Nice to see Australia playing a wide, high risk game vs Irish who play a close, possession based scheme that is boring, but effective.

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