20 replies on “Australia vs England rugby Test match 11.06.2016”

  1. "Haskell was in there, was he the tackler? I don't think so."
    This announcer is a fucking numpty he was clear as day the fucking tackler.

  2. England look average at best only scrapping past a poor Australian team. All Blacks would put 30 or 40 points on this English team and put Eddie Jones in his place.

  3. I have a lot more respect for the atheletes,who play rugby than American football

  4. As much as I follow the AB's, I much prefer the Aussie commentators over the AB's.  The Aussie Commentators actually respect the opposition's talent and are not spewing homerism.  On the other hand, the AB's commentators are downright dismissive of the oppositions talent and when commentating on them, they sound as if they find ANY OTHER TEAM more of a nuisance, it's too arrogant.

  5. England can't beat south africa nor new zealand but they can beat Australia 3 times in a row

  6. May i have the full version of the 2nd test as well please? seems like it's gone missing

  7. Anyone else notice Farrel take a cheap shot or two after the handbag stuff by the forwards?

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