1. oh yeah, the great english officials kicked out the only coach that could’ve got England team somewhere near medals….well done, carrot-heads, you can enjoy now your “glorious” losers, such Redknapp, McLaren or Hoddle…cuz you need managers that care about the history!!! what history, morons??? you won a WC cuz was on home soil so you managed to buy the refs that allowed the Hurst goal that never was…..

  2. Im English and I agree 100% with you!! Lots of people here make excuses blaming all the foreign players etc. Unfortunately for them prior to 1966 we had only ever made the Semi Finals twice. Which only shows how crap weve always been. People now are saying they are sorry to see capello go and that he was a good manager, even after that World Cup disaster and all the other shit. Its called `loser mentality` and we have it in spades. At least we are world Champions at something!

  3. the sooner you English fools realise that you are nothing on the national stage the better, the England job is known as the impossible job,,, you silly bastards win the world cup in 1966 at HOME, with every game played at Wembly and ever since you think you are the best,,every tournament someone gets the blame,,why cant you just face the facts,,you are SHITE, SHITE SHITE SHITE.

  4. Anyone bored of english football its just all sleeze and racism who cares anymore and the news is just all Fabio this and Fabio that and now they are asking celebrties what they think ENGLAND GET OVER YOURSELVES

  5. when capello resign, Harry Redknapp was suddenly cleared on tax charge which means he(harry) is not guilty. EPL are full of racist people and corruptions.

  6. FA is the wright word because the FA knows Fuck All about football, forget about England in the Euros Game Over! and Harry Rednapp hahhha I wont be alive the next time England wins anything thats for sure.

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