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  1. Why Ronaldos The Best
    1. Ronaldos a legend in 2 different clubs while messis just a legend in the best club team ever Barcelona who are virtully the greatest national team ever Spain.
    2. Messi only scores more than Ronaldo because every chance,tap in,break,throughball falls to him ,nothing got to do with him being a better goal scorer. whereas Ronaldo plays with 2 other strikers scoring 30 goals each a season.
    3. Ronaldo would be star if they both played together and top dog no doubt.

  2. 4. Some people laugh when Cristiano Ronaldo is compared to the all time greats,, Pele,Maradona ect when the truth is Ronaldo is right up their and is better in so many ways and is a more dangerous goal scorer and more complete.
    5. Messi has won several individual awards that were unfair and were won purely on favourtism including the 2010 Ballon D OR and will also win in 2012 which is unfair.
    6. People Wake up and dont bye the messi hype great player yes but not the best player in the world.

  3. Well if you would have been smart enough too read what I wrote, you would actually see that I wrote “Great player though, HE’S GOT LOADS OF TIME LEFT.”

  4. 8 gola sin his last 4 games,pele played in best national team maybe ever who won a wciwthout him and garrincha carried them,maradonna was 26 messi has just turned 25 so ist not really a fact is it as hes 4th highest scorer in their history and their top assister.

  5. He’s not the greatest of all time until he steps his game up in Argentina. Pele and Maradonna both won the World Cup and so on. Messi never shows his best on national level. He doesn’t have Iniesta and Xavi there 2 help him. He will NEVER be the greatest if he can’t perform for his national team. FACT. Great player though, he’s got loads of time left.

  6. the reason messi scores more than ronaldo is nothing got to do with him being a better goal scorer than ronaldo its just that no one else scores for barcelona the whole team is based on messi and every chance,,break,,tap in,,through ball falls to messi whereas its slightly harder for ronaldo with 2 other strikers scoring 30 goals a season each,,,,,not everything falls to ronaldo,,,,if messi and ronald oplayed together ronaldo would be the top scorer no doubt

  7. ya and the highest scorer out of them was about 9,,,whereas its harder for ronaldo to score with 2 other strikers scoring 30 goals a season,,,not every chance falls to ronaldo

  8. Most of the time he is making the run before they anticipate what to do with the ball.

  9. It’s not him, it’s the midfield. Think of it like this. Messi is the speartip which finishes everything. Cristiano Ronaldo is the handle, the middle AND the tip. Ronaldo can play excellent and dominate everywhere. Messi has only shown it at Barca. Ronaldo is also a more complete player than Messi. Ronaldo > Messi

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