20 replies on “Scotland v Australia | Highlights”

  1. Interestingly, Australia has always had a great national team, but rugby is not so popular in the land of kangaroos !!

  2. 4:00 You know Steven Moore is too old when he's getting smashed like that, and then a half-back can make the tackle.

  3. Aye the Aussies cannae win without their cheating South African referee on the field. Auld Joubert would have been greetin intae his babycham watching this.

  4. Our defence wasn't brilliant. The Australian 2nd half tries should never have happened. They scored 4 which is a bonus point in the 6 nations.

  5. Donโ€™t think Scotland is an easy team to beat in any sport they are waaay better than you think though

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