Rodgers to break transfer records

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers is determined to improve the Celtic team and said that he is prepared to break the club’s transfer records if ever the right opportunity presents himself.

He believes that the club already has some good players but that they need to add quality over quantity this season.

Rodgers believes that Celtic has nothing to prove in the Scottish league and that they must now turn their objectives to Europe. He said that he wants to build a team that will allow them to compete with the best teams in Europe and for that, he will need to add quality players.

It is reported that the club might be interested in Manchester United player Adnan Januzaj. Rodgers has refused to comment on these rumors, but he might be the kind of player that Celtic needs in order to progress.

Rodgers said that he is not interested in making massive changes at the club as he feels that he already has a good core of players. The only thing that he wants at the moment is to improve the team with world class players, and for that, he is prepared to play the right amount of money. He said that the club’s board understands his objectives and that they are ready to back him with the funds in the transfer market.

Brendan Rodgers said that at the time he wants to give chances to some youth players. He believes that the Celtic youth team has some good players and that it is his duty to give the skillful players the opportunity to play in the first team.

He believes that next season will be an exciting one and that they will be able to make a good performance in the Champions League. He said that the objective would be to get out of the group stage.