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  1. HOW thick is Beale , downward motion of the arm ,palm down , oh i was trying to catch it , Dick head

  2. I know Hooper was in front of the kicker for the first disallowed try but would he not be played onside by the winger?

  3. I thought I’d revisit these highlights to see if the reffing was as bad as a remembered it. And well it is and it isn’t… most of the calls were 50/50, and you can see why Aus fans were frustrated at the time because not a single one went their way (that’s just the way the game goes sometimes).

    Aus’s 2 yellow cards were completely fair, poor discipline on their part (Beale unlucky to tap it in the spur of the moment).

    However, here’s what I think was controversial:

    1) Aus disallowed try #1 – koriobete is behind foley when he kicks the ball, thus when he runs in front of hooper and kicks the ball, Hooper is brought onside. In my opinion, this should have been a try.

    2) THAT English try – this has got to be the closest call ever for a ball in touch. It really could have gone either way. HOWEVER, I remember when watching the game, in the TMO review they looked at 2 angles. The first, was a front on high definition slow motion angle. It looked as though about half an inch of the ball touches the line. However, they view this angle once, then continue to look at the angle shown in this video for about 5 minutes straight. In my opinion, this angle was not clear at all, and should not have been used for the final verdict, they should have revisited the other front on angle as it was far far clearer. So, poor TMO here I think. But again, it was 50/50 and just didn’t aus’s way.

    3) Aus disallowed try #2 – very hard decision again. However, I believe this should have been a try or at least a penalty/yellow card. Yes, Moore was obstructing the defence somewhat. However, English #6 (robshaw) makes the tackle that holds up the ball over he line. If you pause the video when the Aus halfback picks up the ball to pass it, robshaw is 3 or 4 meters offside. Therefore, he is in an illegal position to tackle the Australian player. In the TMO review, they don’t even notice how far offside robshaw is and only focus on Moore. A penalty, or yellow card or something should have been given here. This was not 50/50 in my opinion and Aus were hard done by.

    In saying all this, Aus were there right until the final 10min and then completely lost it. You can’t blame them. Rugby is as much a mental game as it is a physical one, and this would have been the hardest mental game that most of those players would ever have played. To be able to contain the frustrated emotions would have been tough. Credit where credit is due – England probably still would have been won, but it should have been decided by less than 5 points.

  4. If this were NZ everyone would be lauding their superior fitness and talking about how it allows them to still execute at pace in the last 20 minutes, how they ground the opposition down and smashed teams with turnover ball at the end of the game.

    England do it and they were lucky with the TMO, Australia didn't get the run of the green, the tries were lucky….

  5. Australia lose to England in a major sport. In this case Rugby. Good. I love it when England beats Australia in anything. Aussies need to eat humble pie once in a while. They are too arrogant for my comfort levels. The whinging aussies come out of the woodwork as usual making excuses for their team. And not giving any credit to England for thrashing the Ozzies fair and square. Typical Australians. They are extrememly bad sportsmanship people. LOL! Well Done England keep it up. They hate losing at Rugby as much as they do in Cricket LOL! Cricketers can learn a great deal their rugby counterparts on how to consistently and regularly humilate and beat Australia in team sports and shut their loud and parochial fans up! I love it. Keep it up Rugby players!

  6. The Wallabies are an embarrassment to their country. They conceded 17 points in 10 minutes, and conceded 40 against us in 40 minutes earlier in 2017…

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