25 replies on “Lionel Messi’s 234 Goals for Barcelona in 14 Minutes”

  1. Rondo.Westbrook.LeBron.Durant.Rose.Davis.Paul.Irving.Messi.Mayweather.Brady.Tebow.Xavi.Iniesta.Alves.
    My fav players….

  2. Messi cant score without XAVI and Iniesta ?!!!
    I cant see Xavi n Iniesta anywhere in this Video !
    All i can see is Messi scoring individually <3

  3. should have just looped einaudi my friend, the second song just doesnt compare

  4. Well that may be, but there is no way you can compare people who played in different eras, its just impossible

  5. I completely agree. Good players will come and go, but none will compare to what this little guy has done at his age, and in his circumstances. We should feel very grateful that we’ve witnessed him bless the pitch, and the world with his magic.

  6. I never really understood the notion of “The Beautiful Game”, until I watched Messi move the way he does with the ball at his feet. I feel blessed to have seen him play in the flesh. #19, #190 and #231 definitely stick out as my favourite 3 from the little Maestro. Love and respect from Australia

  7. I didnt impliy that no one tries to tackle messi, I said that in maradona’s era the ttackles were tougher meaning defenders got away with a lot more, nowadays you cant tackle nearly as hard.

  8. Oh right ok, yh because no one ever tries to tackle messi, i suggest you watch the “messi never dives” video on youtube.

  9. The reason I think maradona is better is because maradona played with the magic that messi played with in an era in which the game was a lot tougher tackling wise as nowadays the defenders dont like tackling as the ref blows for almost nothing.

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