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  1. man argentina sucks their defence is terrible plus football is a team game not just by 1 individual

  2. 1. Mute This Video
    2. Open your Winamp
    3. Play Your Music
    4. Now u can play this video

  3. Messi the beast… always scoring goals and will continue to score goals come this season.

  4. I’m surprised how very rarely Messi scores with his right foot. Less than 5% and even then it is only a deflection of a cross or a chip. Not once did I see him drive the ball with his right. 9:02 looks like his hardest right foot so far. What does this mean for the idea you have to play with both feet?

  5. Seriously, you need some education. If you are a kid then I will understand but if you are a grown up man then I guess life is going to be hard for you. Keep it real

  6. dont know why the author removed your comment… But im just saying that talent means who is a better player. Pele and Maradona both won for their country, but Best never did because he played on Northern Ireland. But many people will say that talent wise Best was a better player than Pele and Maradona, he just never had the opportunity to do anything on a big stage. When talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, I find it hard for someone to say Messi is more talented than Cristiano.

  7. That’s nothing, I shot more goals than this in my entire FIFA Soccer career.

  8. Best, Maradona, Cruyff, Pele, etc are the most mentioned names by people today. CR7 is an amazing player but the above players are a different class compared to Cristiano Ronaldo. But like always, Pele and Maradona are the top best players in history. When there is comparison about who was the best player in history the two names ‘Maradona and pele’ will always come up.

    Ronaldo and messi will also be argued too, the future will tell of who was best

  9. ronaldo was compared(and many stated he was better) to george best when he was in manchester? and george best is better than pele and maradona?

  10. @crozecamp Yeah but everyone before him who were any we’re near as good were back in the day of George best pele maradonna. But the offside rule did not exist therefore they had more chances to score

  11. Winning the World cup is something everyone before him did.
    So you see he can’t be the best if he won’t win it. 

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