25 replies on “Lionel Messi vs Malaga HD 720p (13/01/2013)”

  1. theres a lot of people you give the ball too, the last one you give it too is Lionel Messi 2:20

  2. its funny how malaga tries to do the tiki-taka to Barcelona at 6:40 – 6:45 then Barcelona shows off and does it much better at 6:46 – 7:01 Visca el Barca XD

  3. Malaga is growing to be one of few strongest team in the world, but still very-very difficult to stop Messi.The most talented footballer in history.I’m not sure, anybody could see a football player like him in fourty years in the future.

  4. Когда смотришь как он забивает в каждом матче по менее 2 голов, ты понимаешь что это невероятно но для него нет преград такое чувство что это для него тренировка в которой нужно постоянно забивать!

  5. Never mind, found them :
    1st Song: Whelan & Di Scala feat. Eden – Open Up Your Heart (Extended Mix)
    2nd Song: Walden – Intropial (Original mix)

  6. record tier with 10 consecutive matches goals scored in la liga 🙂 get your facts right 

  7. It does look like it was not his best game but One goal and Two assist in a single game would be a front page news for any other footballer.

  8. 6:40 Triangulation Malaga vs Triangulation Barca.
    Barcelona doubled the triangulation of Malaga haha!

  9. the 2nd goal is another probe that Messi aka “Cesc” without Xavi aka “Leo” is nothing..

  10. Not at his best…despite all the goals already this season,,, the ‘God like one’ has not performed to his normal brilliant standard. Maybe thats to do with the opposition not letting him play.

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