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  1. messi can use his head not as good as ronaldo buh he rarely gets balls to header in the goal

  2. it dont matter bout the skills it wat the player is made of both players can dribble exceptionally well but messi is a step ahead of ronaldo messi is truley the best in the world

  3. But for me There both one of the best ever. Ronaldo is my fav player because i like they way he stand for free kicks (somthing thats him) and the way he does siccors its just a entertainer thats and his skills etc.. Messi i like because… i mean come on dribbling past 5 defenders that sick you dont just do that now aday in this football.

    but there both great and i like them both. PEACE OUT!!!!

    ps: the first time a rote a comment like this hahaha.

  4. and Iniesta that have very very good chemistirie with messi, i dont say that özil and kaka aren’t cus they are on of the best players now but it’s not the same as those 3. and maby messi is better or ronaldo but you know at the end of the day it’s just what you think is more import as a player to have in the game. yes messi dribble past 5 players that AWSOME and i know that ronaldo has the skills and talent to do that maby not as often as messi does but thats not how ronaldo plays.

  5. They are both the best at the moment, messi is better at dribbeling but ronaldo got alot of things messi can do too but ronaldo is better at it, but at dribbeling messi is a few step ahead the same goes for ronaldo’s freekick’s and messi’s. but messi got Xavi and Iniesta and there like the ultimate combo together and messi can score alot with his dribbeling and the great passes of those 2. but ronaldo is complete maby he hasn’t score more then messi but ronaldo doesn’t have like a Xavi…

  6. Messi Stats
    Age 0
    Goals 0
    Games played 999999
    Money earnt €-99999
    Height 0ft 1in
    Ronaldo stats
    Age 999999
    Goals uncountable
    Games played 419
    Money earnt €999999999999999
    height 2222ft 11in

  7. 1 ME
    2 ronaldo
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  8. #1 Messi # 1000 cr7. Cr7 is a fucking gay and only the gays like him. Fuck ronalda he is only a diver

  9. I still can’t believe how people still say that C.Ronaldo is better than Messi
    Seriously these kind of people are the most stupid in the WORLD
    And in my opinion they are losers who think that they are smart.
    I’ll say it one more time:
    SHUT THE FUCK UP and admit that messi is still better.

  10. Stats has it all!!
    truth may be bitter for ronaldo fans…but seriously messi is better!

  11. The only reason messi scores more than Ronaldo is because barcelona played with messi up front last season so that ment every chance,,break,,tap in,,through ball fell to messi.no one else scores for barcelona bar sanshez with about 9 last season whereas its harder for Ronaldo to score with 2 other 30 goal a season men.not every chance falls to Ronaldo,,,,its nothing got to do with messi being a better goal scorer,,,thats bullshit,,Ronaldos the best.

  12. 1. Christiano Ronaldo
    2. Messi
    3. …………..
    999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999th is Obama
    and 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000th is Beiber

  13. Ronaldos not even the second best player in the world. Hes he 12th best and im not a barca fan

  14. 1 – ronaldo
    2 – ibrahimovic
    63 – Justin bieber
    Messi not in rankings

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