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  5. Well of course people compare shit to shit.None of them could score with thier right leg and head other than pele.Nobody compares messi to pele.Maradona is compared to messi because they both score an amzing goal with their hands.Ronaldo will always be the best.Messi = a crying,gay,midget pussy

  6. people compare ronaldo to messi ……..
    messi is being compared to maradona and pele that how you know messi is the best

  7. Lol fuck you too.Ronaldo’s best and don’t even compare a midget who scores with his hand to ronaldo.I don’t hate messi.Look at other vids of ronaldo and see how gay uefalona cunts trying hard to bring ronaldo down.his stats.Bitch please
    Ronaldo had only played in mad for 3 years and messi has been playing like forever.KILL yourself.

  8. how do you even say that about a great player like ronaldo? you must not appreciate the game of Football enough to fully understand that ronaldo and messi have complete different personalities in playing the dang beautiful game, well yes messi is better at alot of things that christiano isnt, but same both ways really! sorry, i live for s<3ccer

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  10. Lionel pussy-The master of doing shit all season and getting all the awards.

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  12. you know what every great football player has? humbleness. Not only Leo has skills, but he is also very hunble . That is why i love Messi!

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