25 replies on “Lionel Messi vs Brazil 09-06-2012”

  1. damn that commentator wants to suck messi’s dick or something. i mean yeah, he’s the best in the world but that dude needs to calm down a little.

  2. But, look the Messi gols and Cristiano ones. There is NO WAY to compare those two. A Brazillian commentator said” There is no friendly in a Brazil versus Argentina game”. Two players out in this game.. great friendly!lol

  3. Messi scores three against U-23 Brazil in a friendly “OMG HES SOOO GOOD BEST PLAYER EVER”
    Ronaldo scores two against Netherlands in the Euro Cup “He sucks Messi’s better”


  4. Love American commentators! So much better than the dry and boring English ones. (Except Ray Hudson)

  5. en mi vida lei bastantes comentarios boludos en youtube, pero NADA SUPERA LO QUE ACABE DE LEER-sos un tremendo pelotudo!

  6. This commentator is very passionate I like him. In fact, I watch GOL TV cuz of this dude and I am a full blown south american.

  7. messi got nothing on David Beckham, even Cauthemoc Blanco(mexico) is in another league than messi… messi is only famous thanks to his promoter ,

  8. Notice the Americanisms. “The ball gets rejected” and “nice play from Messi”

  9. Can we all agree that this worthless idiot of an announcer should never be allowed near a microphone again?

  10. i know those goal tv guys are a disgrace to football.. gosh i always turn my sound on mute when the match i wanna see is on tv……. but it kinda sucks cuz i dont listen to stadium sounds so i have somtimes to turn on those goal tv fucks.. i think the older guy is the best at goal tv even though sometimes he gets on your nerves.

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