24 replies on “England Football Hooligans – Euro 2000 Riot”

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  2. if you know how to use it, just do it
    by the way,we dont fight dude, we just kill

  3. buehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehheh, british way of thinking is kurwa amazing:)

  4. I believe the word is spelled smashed. And in football maybe but we are far more mature than your fans ever will be.

  5. The English can’t stand to loose and can’t understand or accept it. So they turn violent if they can’t win the other team won’t either. But fans like The Irish and Croatians etc just sing and laugh take note rioters.

  6. LoL , Do you not remember landstown road back in 95 or are you too young to remember the English fans tore the place to shreds because they were loosing the match and were shouting Nazi slogans and making Nazi salutes and gestures at the Irish fans on the other side of the pitch.

  7. Soccer haha.

    Last time I checked the yanks “soccer team” has “monkeys” only difference is that the American support is shit

  8. american artists lol americans full stop are lol,u fucking american cunt,no 1 likes u cunts so fuck off an die

  9. And the refs were on your side wtf LOL all the breaks England has had Churchill would turn over I’m his grave

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