25 replies on “Lionel Messi – The History 1987-2012 || HD ||”

  1. If we can get this video on 20.000 views, and 200 likes, it will be perfect!

  2. It’s gonna be hard to make it better but there is not telling how far you’ll go

  3. bro where you find the sound of commentaries when messi scores/dribble ?
    thanks 😀

  4. Next one is about Andres Iniesta, and I am working on it, but I am waiting for my new computer, that I get soon, and then I will finish it. 🙂

  5. No problem, I’ll support you 🙂 Your videos are amazing…looking forward to the next one 😀

  6. I wanna kill cassano for adding ronaldinho there.I think even barcelona fans will support me.NO COMPARISON ONLY RESPECT.

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