25 thoughts on “England Euro 2012 Football Song “SAME OLD ENGLAND””

  1. Great tune, I think you should change some of the lyrics though cause we’re winning this one fo sure!

  2. I’m from Germany and i like you very much, see you in the final!
    Best wishes an good luck for today! You’ll win clearly today! Come on England!

  3. I love this vid because it’s so light-hearted & down to earth. Best England vid on youtube because everyone in it is just so chilled out & cool. I’ll be cheering for Eire though.

  4. This song has been written for the Euro 2012, soon to be available to download on itunes, all proceeds are going to this fantastic charity – Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital.

  5. Cheers and same to you guys ! and best of luck to you guys also ! But if we play ye well were going to win haha no hard thoughts 😀

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