25 replies on “Lionel Messi – The Archive – Part 1 (HD)”

  1. +Jean Baptiste Waly DIONE Its not about if he is still the same player. Its
    about enjoying these magical moments from Messi. And you missed the point
    of this video because this pre and early-Guardiola era isn’t to common on
    youtube. And Messi is “Worth nothing”?… We will talk again at the end of
    this season :)

  2. I loved this Messi, but I don’t wish for him to play like this ever again,
    I enjoyed seen him on the field all season long too much, people forget
    that when he used to run like a maniac he would usually miss half the
    season because of injuries, he knows his body cant handle him sprinting
    like a maniac, his job is to create magic when he receives the ball, and
    thats it, and to this day he still the best player ever when he has the
    ball at his feet, just now he has better vision, better finishing and the
    same dribbling ability.

  3. What is the name of the Second song ?!! It’s not “Ludovico Einaudi –
    divenire” as mentioned… Have been humming all day…I have to know the
    name !! Someone help !!!

  4. Everytime I say to myself this is the best video ieraHD has made but this
    one you have beats all of the others. Thanks for these amazing videos.

  5. +ieraHDTV here is a nice and calm music to edit with it “the arrivel of the

  6. And also remember is getting older… not so old yet but definately not the
    energy he has at 19, 20 years

  7. Hey iera, will you upload the gamper game tomorrow? Cos I won’t be able to
    watch it live 🙁 

  8. thanks for video, keep them coming please. Wish I could watch Messi play,
    anyone here from US ever gone over seas for like just one game to watch him
    play? Dream!

  9. This is rare footage mate! Great work to upload it! I hope he has a
    magisterial season! 

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