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  1. Bro im the one defending Ronaldo here, the real one , im just saying that
    all the world cup stuff is blown out of all proportion you could be the
    greatest player of all time and if you dont come from a big footballing
    nation you wouldnt even get to play in a world cup , Ronaldo should be
    remembered not for scoring against donkeys in the WC but pre injury for
    being the most gifted player the world has ever seen he tore some of the
    greatest defenders of all time apart for fun and was unplayable

  2. Has Messi or R7 ever take the national team to fifa world cup and won? Did
    Messi or R7 play for Inter, Milan, Madrid and Barcelona, all the biggest
    rival clubs? and now the fun part Did Messi or R7 win copa del rey 1 time
    with barce uefa cup winners and super cup winners and with madrid 2 times
    la liga winners, and again super cup winners with PSV league winners with
    corinthians league winners again and again and again he have lead the team
    to victory! 🙂

  3. I wouldnt get carried away with all the world cup hype , Brazil played a
    bunch of donkeys all the way to the final where they played one of the
    worse German sides ever , that was a very poor world cup with Spain and
    Italy basically cheated out of it .I would judge him on what he did at PSV
    , BARCA , and INTER pre injury because that was the most amazing football i
    have ever seen.

  4. @r10nasel True. I was in a debate with myself if I should put my favorie
    player but I decided to put Kaka instead because it suits my 4-3-3 better.
    I’d have Ronaldinho if I was running a 4-2-3-1

  5. Football fans have such short memories, this man was the best striker of
    his generation…

  6. you must be the most retarded person on the planet or just taking the piss
    , because George Best was clearly the most gifted player UTD ever had

  7. messi is boring, his talents are more natural.. his speed, stamina and
    agility because hes so short. whilst ronaldo’s talents are all hardwork.
    ronaldo was a phenomenon at barca, inter, madrid and also led his national
    team to glory. if it wasnt because of his health problems im sure he would
    of lead AC milan to success too.

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