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  1. but messi its better in every aspect of playing. messi its a special player.not cuz i say it.every expert says it.for some messi already the best ever. and for some players too.so why would i argue?

  2. spain defence is probably the best defence now.the mid its perfect and the attacking its good too.so oviously they win.

  3. they keep winning trophies because spain its the best team.every player are one of the best in every position.and their substitutes are world class players too. the best team wins not the best player.

  4. I agree with that but some will still disagree because…

    Napoli never win the league again since Maradona’s left. During Maradona era they won 5 thropies in 7 years… in last 22 years they only won 1 thropy.

    Argentina still never win world cup or reach the final since Maradona retired. All Messi teammate at Spain keep winning thropies without Messi.

    However, Messi is only 25 so with at least 2 world cup and 2 copa americas to play or possibly 3 world cup… you’ll never know

  5. Messi first game for Barca this season and its already a hattrick
    70 more goals to equal last season tally

  6. that way ronaldo is also the best cuz you just cant win CL,Euro cup, world cup,spanish cup because your the best player in the world.

  7. i dont know what people get by comparing the players? and those comparison are rather ignorant ones. Just enjoy them, theres not many common points to compare them. back it off

  8. he will gonna win 9 or 10 ballon d’or’s if he perform well and to bad he is not the best player of the season of 2011 2012 but he will get his 4th ballon d’or he is now a living legend the only thing he got to do is to win a world cup maybe 4 or 3 and he’s gonna be THE NUMBER ONE legen of all time instead of pele

  9. Can’t agree more, doesn’t matter how good you are, a team still counts 11 players, and 1 alone can’t do it all. In my opinion, argentina needs to improve their defence badly. If you see how horrible argentina defended against germany in the world cup 2010, you can see why they never get far. Attackwise and midfieldwise they have enough talent (messi, aguero, di maria, banega,…), but defending is also a part. Look at spain, they also needed a solid defence to win the european championship.

  10. well… argentina was always mean against messi, saying he isnt that good, they didnt have faith in him. He could’ve easily gone to spain, without regreting it. since Argentina was so dumb. But he stayed. He wanted to make his country happy, realise who he really is. And look now, Messi is getting popular there, getting praise, being a person to say: My country got the best player in the world.


  12. Jesus says: if you deny me, i will deny you in front of my father, dont be the one who denies him, accept him into your heart and into your life, he has BIG things for you ! you have a purpose in this world.

  13. Only reason messi can’t have a perfect season is cause he just beats it the next year.

  14. i think he had the opportunity to become spanish international but he didnt want, it would be a disgrace if he plays for spain national team, thats like rejecting ur country. but with spain he would win everything of course, and the uniform would look good on him lol.

  15. IKR. Maradona had a good team, so did Pele and Zidane etc etc. Messi’s argentina really sucks. without Messi it would be a disaster.. If Messi was in Spain they wouldnt lose a single international cup.

  16. The primary reason for Spanish dominance was how they found a style that suited their small skillfull players, before they copied others, now they use their players correctly. Any team vying for the World Cup shouldn’t be excused becuase they ran into one of the stronger teams. To win you have to beat the best. Of course Messi is the best player today.

  17. look at spain, before 2008 spain sucked, they didnt win anything.good players have been coming out from spain and thats what makes spain great.but messi its just a special player that even madrid would like to have him. and by the way maradona sucked as a coach. argentina has been unlucky of playing germany in the last two world cups in the 4th final.but oh well.messi still the best  wheter u like it or not.

  18. we are talking about different times dude.and maradona wasnt the only player in argentina i bet.am sure teams now are more tactical and better defenders.maradona was maradona once, i see messi in every game and i think hes maradona everyday.just cuz argentina won that world cup in 86 doesnt mean they have to win it again.time evolves and team gets worse or better.argentina defence and midfield suck big time, especially defenders, which is the most important strenght on a team.

  19. Maradona was the best in the world and won a Wolrd Cup, why can’t Messi? Maradona didn’t have the luxury of having superstars such as Aguero, Higuain or Mascherano either.

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