24 replies on “Amazing Goal Lionel Messi! Argentina vs Brazil 4-3, June 9th, 2012”

  1. zamknij się messi to gówno które wylatuje z tej dupy ronaldo a maradona sie moze jedynie z nimi po ruchac i pele to najlepszy ty to chyba na piłce sie nieznasz idz sie zbadac na mózg

  2. Messi is better than Cristiano. Maradona was better than Pele. End of story. Added the Pele thing just because these Cristiano fans are those that like to piss against the wind. They are the modern day hipsters of football.

  3. so if Rooney has stated that in his opinion messi is the best ever, what makes your opinion more valid?

  4. Plzzz watch this video i made of Lionel Messis TOP 15 DRIBBLES 08-12.. heres the link >>>>> sj08w-rCfN8

  5. Ele merece ser eleito, pela 4ª vez, o melhor jogador do mundo. Eu acompanhei toda essa última temporada dele, e do Cristiano Ronaldo, que também jogou muito bem. Mas o Messi merece esse prêmio com sobras. Ele é genial!

  6. so that shows you, that even though iniesta and xavi assisted messi 9 times this ENTIRE SEASON, messi still scored 82 goals for both club and country…. so what were you saying about messi barely scoring goals without them? thought so

  7. ronaldo has been playing with real madrid for 3 years and only managed 1 copa del rey and 1 liga, and messi has already probed people wrong saying that he wouldnt score in the premier league.. did you forget those 4 goals against arsenal? what about raping manchester united twice in the finals? ok thought so… and now another retarded exucse: “messi is nothing without xavi/iniesta” wrong drumbass, xavi only gave 3 ASSISTs and iniesta 6 asissts to messi this season, while messi scored 82 goals

  8. to prove you wrong with your first point that ronaldo did 10 times more for portugal then argentina, LOLOLOL you sir are a plain fucking retard. if you watched foobtball you would know that neither messi nor ronaldo did much for their national teams, but messi at least won a fifa u20 world cup and a gold medal at the olympics, whereas ronaldo has won ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! not even the slightest honour with the national team. please do some research and educate yourself before riding ronaldos dick

  9. you do realize ronaldo himself said that la liga is the hardest league in the world.

  10. spot on…Eve if Messi score zero goal…he’d still be one of the best player-midfielder with a 29 assists in all competition

  11. The Argentinian has been named Best International Athlete at the annual awards given by ESPN He won the vote ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo

  12. Iniesta and Xavi only assisted 9 of Messi’s goals last year. Even without them he would’ve had more than Ronaldo (don’t forget Messi had the most assist as well). Pele did play for one club till the end when he went to US to play for Cosmos and still is considered one of all time best. Messi is not only the best player now but he set stsndarts that future generations will compare to. Check some statistics before you talk shit !!!

  13. Think I’ll throw my hat in the ring here. Messi is one of the most talented players to ever grace the game. The thing that makes him stand out though is the fact that he ISN’T big headed about it. He’s a fantastic team player too. Highest goals tally ever last season and still got the highest assists too. What an incredible record. He’s the perfect player. I can’t believe people even mention that Portuguese primadonna in the same sentence as Lionel!

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