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  1. C’mon guys, don’t you feel like giving messi a huge PUNcH on the face? Damn I’d love to.

  2. Ronaldo can’t score n assist more than messi that’s why he always will be second

  3. “I won’t believe that Messi is better than Ronaldo until he proves himself in another league, like the premiership. This will never happen so he will never be better than Ronaldo.” Hmm okay, so that means Seedorf is the best player in the world because he won champs league with 3 different teams in 3 different leagues. Messi is compared to Maradona/Pele etc, Cristiano Ronaldo is compared to Messi. See where i’m getting at?

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  5. What a stupid opinion – watch was Maradona was able do on field - you will drop jour fuckung jaw

  6. Ronaldo must be in London with Portugal Olimpic team he can win a gold on diving

  7. Apparently the clueless motherfucker is you. I said olympic football is shit. He said messi won a olympic goal medal..I said SPAIN got eliminated by HONDURAS. THATS HOW SHIT THE OLYMPICS ARE, exactly your point. Fuck..some people are just retarded like you.

  8. Ronaldo is referred to by everyone as Cristina Penaldo, except for well, his fanboys. Why? All of Penaldo’s goals are from penalties. Stats don’t lie.

  9. GOD BLESS HIM for all the joy he brought around world. There will be no bigger than him in universe till existing of time.I still wonder how he does it Is he human?I am happy that happened in my live time.Tnx for bringing us that art LEO that hope when we the poor people around the world have nothing else to be offered u showed us that all one need is balls. dream & imagination to play our game the peoples game that nobody can take away that’s everything that left to us.

  10. Spain leading world cup champion, 2 time europian champion , u-19 champion, u -23 champion, and u think spain is weak because they lost in some olympic shit fotball? what a son of a bitch clueless mothfucker ui are..

  11. Mate, calm down. I never said that the EPL was the best league.. I said a League like the EPL, it was quicker than naming Seria A, Bundelsliga…
    Read and understand a comment before you reply 🙂

  12. You english prick, maybe you should think about your lame country’s footballing team instead of the league. EPL is over rated and the only thing makes it up are the foreign players, it should be called FOREIGN PREMIER LEAGUE. Oh btw the best players in the EPL are from the spanish league.

  13. nice going with the Cristina:) very well played. Will read your whole comment to my grandchildren. Oh and lol at saying barca wpouldn’t be as good as they are now without messi:D just replace messi with david villa and he would score just as many goals as messi does. brb most of the goals 1v 1 on gk or scored in penalty box overall, unbelievable:) He’s scoring only so many goals bcuz of his position in barca and barca gamestyle overall. I bet you consider messi god/the best ever too eh?funnyguy

  14. and DON”T YOU DARE say Busquets is a diver, is you are yourself a Cristiano fan. That guy has had a history of DIVING since 2003.

  15. 1. Pele played most of his career in Santos, he did not have to come to Europe to play EPL like your goddess Cristina did.
    2. No, Barcelona without Messi is not one of the best teams ever, and I am a Barcelona fan.
    3. Busquets is a world class player, its a FACT, you can’t deny it.

  16. Ronaldo is gonna be the best when Ramos,Alonso,Marcelo or the man with the worse reputation in history of football pepe brakes messis leg

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  18. Well buzz, adapting to different game styles is an ability…It is a capacity because you are proving yourself in other teams not just one. Maradona did it. Messi didn’t beat them. Barca did..why can’t you people understand that Barca without messi is still one of the best teams ever. Yes I respect that he is loyal, i do. I will disrespect Busquets because all he does is dive, and no where near a world class player.

  19. Why is it even an ability ???? Why are you referring changing leagues as a capacity to perform better ??? Messi beat fkin Man Untd, Arsenal, Ac Milan, Bayern Munich, and Santos all teams. Its a CHOICE of being LOYAL not to change clubs, don’t you get it. And don’t disrespect Busquets, he is wanted by major clubs all over the world, his SPANISH world cup winning team mates refer to him as the OCTOPUS with respects because he covers everything. COME ON MAN !!!

  20. he’s point is that Messi has played with the same team over 10 years..Ronaldo has had the ability to change his game 3 times in the past 10 years. What he is trying to say is that a good player can become great in a BEAST team. and we all know that this barca team is one of the best in history. Look at busquets, pedro, and others. Do you actually think they would survive in another team..pft. Messi is a legend no doubt, though.

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