24 replies on “England football squad visit Auschwitz ahead of Euro 2012 opener against France”

  1. judios hijos de la GRAN PUTAS,, buscando sympatia siempre pero formando guerras a todos los arabes del mundo y robandole la pobre tierra a los palestinos,,, judios de mierda y esos ingleses que pendejos tragandose el cuentito de los judios jidiondos

  2. You can’t forget about something as devastating as this in history, It’s sympathy for all those Jews, and the non Jews such as disabled, black, gypsies that we’re also murdered. It’s called showing respect you fool.


  4. ” i’d just convert to Judaism,”

    You can’t “just” convert to Judaism. It’s a long hard process. My sister in law did and it wasn’t easy.

  5. What’d you mean, leaving it? Listen to yourself, talking about me being hateful. What a hypocrite you are. It’d be paranoia if it wasn’t actually true, but it is, anyone who isn’t a naive tard or a zionist knows this. Jealous? Lol, if I was jealous, i’d just convert to Judaism, as according to you, that’d make me superior LOL.

    “You’re calling me a moron for saying Jews use their “race” card to great affect? ”

    Coward, how about leaving the bullshit your write so everyone can see how moronic you are.

    YOU are the one using the Jewish “race card”. You cunts are all the same spewing your worthless tripe and paranoid delusional mantras of hate. YOu are jealous and fearful and pathetic …

  7. You’re calling me a moron for saying Jews use their “race” card to great affect? Baha. Every single day in any source of media, I see at least one thing about anti-sematism etc. I don’t blame Jews for MY “short comings”, i’m fine with myself, I blame them for the bullshit and propaganda they spread, and naive people swallow it. I blame them for distorting the truth. I don’t like lies. Cheating and stealing has paid off for them too yeah, its got them someone else’s country.,

  8. Aww, poor Jews no one’s ever wanted them. They’ve gotten where they have by only looking after their own people, and thinking they are the chosen ones, thats why they’ve always been disliked, cause of their beliefs. The race card and playing the victims has gotten them to dizzy heights. Propaganda against the Jews hahahaha, cause they never do that do they.

  9. “not enough died if you ask me”. Well you’ve just shown your true colours and made anything you have to say completely void. Hope you get locked up before you’re ever allowed to put you anti-Semitic views into practice.

  10. No idea what that link had to tell me nor what it had to do with my comment.

  11. I understand,,a jew in power is danger,,,they only care for greed and like you said,,controlled everything,,,you right about the fight,,,many professionals believe the fight of paqcuiao and bradley was a total bullshit,,even the judges are selling their souls for money,,so bad this country (USA) is letting those rats running the show,,jews got no respect even for themselves,,they know mayority of people really hate them,i, i do,,,,,not just for being jews, but for the GARBAGE they fuckin are

  12. STOP! I really dont care if MORE jews died than any other ethnic background..not enough died if you ask me! lol

    They can go else where and pay their tributes to victims of other attrocities..there are plenty other victims to choose from all over the world..maybe they can start with the Iraqies! More Iraqies lost their lifes since the illegal invasion than these “poor Jew”s during the Holocaust but this manipulative zionist jew owned media NEVER tells the truth.

  13. I completely agree with freedom of speech. But I don’t agree with racism or facism, just an opinion of mine. It’s also an opinion shared by the vast majority of the world – that the holocaust was WRONG.

  14. That greedy corrupt jew Bob Arun clearly has a lot to answer for; making a mockery of the sport in the name of money! He had a big bet on Bradley hence the fix. Boxing is a joke now.

  15. Really?! How so pray tell?

    Here ya go on the topic of soccer and Jews.


  16. Do you know what money is?
    Cause that is the biggest source of hate against jews troughout the last few centurys.

  17. In islamic shit holes the Jews wer persecuted because they refused for the most part, to convert to the islamic death cult. The same perfection was upon the Christians too but they had a certain amount of protection as the church was a lot bigger. So the Jews had it way worse.

    Now look at hoe they not only survived but prospered. There has to be a reason for THAT! How did such a tiny minority come back from the brink of extinction to becoming a community of such advanced successful people 🙂

  18. Jews were hated in EUrope thanks to the Catholic church. When Jews first went to Europe 600BC there were only Pagans. Jewish traditions appealed to many Pagans but Jews did not seek converts. However, the church was threatened by this Pagan potential to Judaism and the Catholic church wanted Pagan converts so they began the lies and propaganda again the Jews.

  19. I think Jews have always been hated, there has to be a reason. I don’t hate a Jew for being a Jew. Something is holy corrupt about how their influence poisons the media though. I’ve already mentioned stuff that is hidden by the media. Watch David Cole at Auschwitz. People use the ‘”holocaust” as a political machine, and tards swallow it without daring to question what they are being told. Cause they’ll be labelled a racistnazixenophobehitlerkilled6millionjewsgaschamberholocaust

  20. You just exposed yourself with your typical Jew hating comment so popular these days. You have nothing agains Jews, just “Zionists”.

    Well, I nothing against muslims just misogynistic death cult fascist ideology of islam.

    You claim you are trying to “shake ppl up and to tell the truth” …. LOL. OK, convince us that what YOU say is truth.

  21. I’m here to spread the other side of the story and the truth. The truth that the hateful zionist media wants hidden. I’m not spreading hatred against Palestine. And not Jews either, but zionists(jewish supremists) need to be exposed always. The fucktards who arranged this tour of the money machine Auschwitz, are not interested in truth or equality.

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