21 replies on “Lionel Messi Dribbling Skills [ HD , HQ ]”

  1. sfasjhfifewksfao jxvaerfsksalkf. Thats the word I just made up to describe Messi’s skill. You may think it’s two words but no its one word. The space is part of the word. I’ve pretty much watched every game Messi has played in, yet my jaw still drops like this is the first time.

  2. I just watched an video of Neymar’s impressive skills, but that kid still has a LONG way to go to be anywhere near Messi. Simply incredible!

  3. If you are still wondering good sir, the song is love story meets vida la vida 🙂

  4. You know how many cover versions of this song there are? thousands.
    It is far easier for me to ask and if he doesn’t reply then I can spend my time searching.
    Why spend all my time looking for something I can find by asking politely?
    You should try this sometime

  5. You are on youtube…….. how hard is it to merely search for that title? Just copy paste if typing is too hard. Honestly….

  6. y se armaron los plomasos y los trancazos paw paw que buenos catorrasos(8)

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