14 replies on “Gazza: Pride and Passion from one of the Faces Of England”

  1. Yeah i’m not expecting this comment to last long here, but Umbro should be ashamed of themselves. The guy’s a wreck.

  2. amazing guy can you imagine any other england player getting emotional over the team. greatest english player ever and one of the most gifted we will ever see out on any pitch. get well gazza you are my hero

  3. I die a little inside when I see this. Paul is a fucking legend, so sad to see him like he is.

  4. It’s sad, he looks terrible in this, much, much older then he is at 45 years old.

  5. I can’t think of one player today in the current squad who have this kinda passion like Gazza or Ian Wright

  6. My idol, even from what he has been through .. He has always been my idol.

    Gazza, you are a legend my friend.

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