Celtic manager Neil Lennon has come out in support of his countryman David Moyes after the Scot has faced a lot of pressure since taking over at Manchester United. Ahead of the club’s meeting with Aston Villa at Old Trafford on Saturday, fans have revealed about a protest by flying a banner on a plane. Even though only a small group of supporters have turned against their manager following a run of poor results against rivals, a majority of the United supporters appeared to be behind David Moyes. The club has been going through one of the worst seasons in recent history.

Aside from losses against the likes of West Brom at home, United have also suffered very poor results at the hands of their arch rivals Liverpool and Manchester City. Even though they have qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals, many reckon that it is an astonishing achievement that the club has come this far under Moyes. So far, the signings that he has made have also not worked out with Marouane Fellaini especially coming in for heavy criticism. Neil Lennon, who is about to win the Scottish league title with a record amount of points, says that a manager should be given time to implement his ideas.

“I have a little understanding of what David Moyes is going through but I can’t second guess how he’s feeling. With all managerial jobs, when you go through a rough period, it’s a lonely place. What I’m not happy about is the way people are rounding on him. You don’t mind constructive criticism but when it gets to the point they’re trying to humiliate him that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. He deserves a lot more than that and should be treated with more respect,” said Lennon, who has been linked with a Premier league job.