25 replies on “INSIDE THE CAMP: England’s top players join up for international duty – who can you spot?”

  1. VIDEO: The England squad arrive at the team hotel as they begin
    preparations for Wednesday’s game versus Denmark at Wembley Stadium 

  2. Can’t wait to see us scrape through the group stages and be knocked out on
    penalties in June!!

  3. Yes it is America defoe! Whats the obsession with calling the US America?
    America is a continent not a country canada is in america brazil mexico all
    of those countries are in america nobody would call britain Europe 

  4. We are a laughing stock of the world for having Tom Cleverley in our squad.

  5. so happy for Henderson for getting his recall, he’s easily been the most
    consistent young English midfielder so far this season. hope he and
    sterling make the starting 11. 

  6. Great behind the scenes content from +England Football Official It was
    great to see Roy Hodgson welcome the players ahead of the Denmark victory.

  7. Tom Cleverley has the look of a man who knows he doesn’t deserve to be

  8. When the players get together like this for international matches, do they
    ever bag on each other regarding club games?

  9. More video’s like this they are inresting to watch…btw cleverley needs to
    start taking tipsmof henderson on how to pass shoot tackle pressure lol

  10. Every time I watch one of these I remind myself just how much joy I’d feel
    if I were a pro footballer..

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