20 replies on “HIGHLIGHTS: All Blacks v Scotland”

  1. Too bad maybe scotland will win in another hundred years something your great grandkids can look fwd too maybe 😊

  2. Haha another nh team to fall b4 there supperiors nice try maby in another 100 years haaa

  3. Holy shit beauden Barrett put the pedal down 2:28 he's gone hahahaha no chance hahaha😂😂😂the man

  4. I love how all of you say Southern Hemisphere rugby is better than northern hemisphere rugby although all the teams in the United kingdom can beat every team i n the Southern Hemisphere apart from new Zealand who ireland and england have both beat scotland were tantalizingly close and wales are wales so you might aswell say New Zealand

  5. Good luck to having a decent team when your nation is all Chinese, Southeast Asians & Indians.

    Asians are 15% of the New Zealand population and 25% of Auckland's population.

  6. All blacks always give these NH team a sense of false security. People always forget they are at the end of thier season and only put in the serious work to win the Rugby Championship and WCs. These One off competitive performance against the ABs and all of a sudden they think they have come leaps and bounds lol. Scotland are absolute shit atm….same old shit all over again

  7. What a year. We almost beat England at football and qualify for World Cup and we almost beat New Zealand at rugby. Why do we always get so close but just never seem to quite make it?

  8. You see you can't put so many inexperienced players in one team the all blacks have lost to Ireland and nearly lost to Scotland they are really good but they ARE not experienced.

  9. abs didnt even get out of first gear i mean get real 20 mins 14 men lol, never lost to scots i mean they miles well play netball its easy stuff

  10. Shit reffing! Sam Cane gets yellow carded after tackling some one and he gets stuck! How can he roll away when hes trapped, ref puts his arm up straight away farken BS..Well done Scotts a lot of luck went your way. Oh well

  11. I'm a Maori from NZ but I support Scotland and love the Scottish people they are warriors just like us up the Scott's up the allblacks up the wallabees fuck the English haha

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