Brendan Rodgers considers PSG’s recent spending as obscene

Paris Saint-Germain established themselves as one of the highest spending clubs in football after offloading €222 million in signing Neymar from Barcelona.

That is the biggest amount of money that a club has splashed out in a single player.

More and more money is being spent as competition is getting more intense by each year, by each season and every transfer window as well. Clubs are not afraid to dish out as much cash is needed in order to strengthen their respective squads and be able to compete against the top clubs from around the world and try to lift some of the biggest pieces of silverware in the sport.

Some clubs are indeed capable of keeping up with this splash of cash but most of the lesser known teams don’t have the same financial freedom to do so.

Celtic has been dominating the Scottish Premier League for the past few years as they have won the latest 6 seasons and even them got completely overthrown by Paris Saint-Germain in their recent UEFA Champions League group stages match which resulted with PSG claiming a comfortable 5-0 triumph.

Even the most powerful club in Scotland was clearly at a big disadvantage against a big spender like Paris Saint-Germain and the head coach of Celtic FC has recently made his voice be heard concerning this trend of splashing out astronomically high amounts of cash as Brendan Rodgers said:

“If they sign Mbappe you could rip up Financial Fair Play. Since it was brought in you could argue that it has gone the other way. It is obscene now. I’ve always been one to pay for quality and go that extra mile to get that quality in but £198 million for a football player?”

“It’s the way the market is at the moment but it doesn’t make it any easier for us. If we finish in third place in our Champions League group then it will still be significant progress. As I said before the draw was even made, for us to be in Europe would be fantastic for us