25 replies on “EURO 2012 England fans vs Swedish fans, Swedish Corner, Kiev”

  1. Why was it so necessary for the english to stand exactly beside the swedish corner?! Well that’s a question for everyone to have in mind… Look att little James for example at 3:50, he wanted just to party with the swedes, yeah right…

  2. And the English are arseholes even without have been drinking. The small brawl started just because of them! Why? Well, we had been singin in a friendly and positive atmosphere for some days with no troubles. But that evening they started to throw beers at the sweedes (and som idiots throw back). And why do you think that they was needed to stand exactly beside the swedish corner in a Fanzone of some miles??!!

  3. I live in Sweden & I can tell the Swedish fans can’t handle their drink & then they turn into right arseholes. Those over 40 are the worst!

  4. Specky four eyed cunt shouting ‘fucking stab you’ nice mate.

    Same old England taking the piss (but in our typical banterish way)

  5. England fans wore just having fun then that prick from Sweden on 2:11 just tries to start shit majority of Sweden fans at that tournament just seems like pricks

  6. All u people that are bad mouthing England are only jealous coz England hav the best fans Eva!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh for fuck’s sake, these are some drunk, bad eggs. They don’t represent Sweden in any way. Don’t judge an entire nation because of some drunk dumbasses. That just makes you an even bigger dumbass.

  8. That swede, the ugly 4 eyed cunt acting the hero looks like that bloke from rentaghost

  9. England fans were just having fun, it was the Swede’s that kicked off, especially that prick in the stupid hat, cape and glasses.

  10. hahaha was the guy in the blue sweden shirt trying to kiss the guy hahahah fucking shameful homo bastards

  11. Just remember only 3000 or 5000 of English traveled to Poland and Ukraine, probably because of the BBC propaganda. There was nobody to fight LOL

    2000 English hooligans were band from leaving UK and going to Euro 2012, but still I give you credit.

    Irish 75000!!!!!!! and they were awesome .

  12. haha the swedes get so angry about it i mean look at that muslim guy what rattled his cage ?

  13. the fucking paki speccy swede got tripped up and punched so he picked out a drunk england fan who wasn’t involved to make himself look good, the faggot. I wish he did break the security line he’d of been massacred by the English.

  14. Yeah I bet considering one of your fans was crying cause England we’re in your corner seems like you shite firm are ard.

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