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  1. “britons never never never shall be slaves…
    though you hate us we could’nt give a toss”

    best chant eva..


  2. Why is everyone going on bout america and britain in ww2?!? This has nothing to do with football or england (football team)!

  3. Oh England is wonderful full of tits fanny & footall oh England is wonderful

  4. I couldn’t understand your grammar but whatever. If we go to war Britain is behind us and if they go to war we’re behind them. Plain and simple.

  5. No idea? i know that America started the war and a first to pull out off an unsafe country. You think a country that its on police kill US and British soldiers who are training them is safe?

  6. You have no idea what your talking about. Both of those wars ended in only a few weeks or months. Keeping rebels, other civilians, and the government under control, and taking natural resources were the things holding us up. And after we killed Osama Bin Laden. We had no need to stay in Iraq because we had most of its resources and we killed the man we went to Iraq for. And as for Afghanistan. We still have troops there and We’re doing the same thing as we did in Iraq. Keeping control & Resource

  7. Still part of the USA though isn’t it? Anyways, Your saying You saved Britain’s asses in WW2. What about the Iraq war and Afghanistan war? Both started by America, and both being ended by Britain.

  8. I said the U.S.A smarty. Not the 13 colonies. The U.S is not 13 little colonies. We are 50 states. Learn more about World History.

  9. Really? America has never been attacked on home soil? Think back to the American revolution. Which Britain attacked America.

  10. Let me rephrase myself for you shall I. The U.S. has never been attacked on homeland by a Military using Military force and never will be. And you say we didn’t help Britain when they were being bombarded. Who do you think sent Britain aid and weaponry? The U.S. of course. If you want to learn more about that look up The Lend Lease Act.

  11. When we drew 1-1 against USA in the World Cup didn’t New York run a front page saying ” USA 1 England 1. USA wins”. ???? WTF

    Stay away from out football you don’t know anything about the sport.

  12. I think you need to learn your history… WW2 started 1938. Japan attacked the American Navy in 1941… England have not been attacked on their home soil either. Only attack is by plane, and before you say America has not been attacked via planes, think back to 2001.

  13. Thats a lie. We entered WW2 because Japan attacked our troops in Pearl Harbor and then we whipped their asses after that. And then we came to rescue Britain because it was being bombarded by Germany you dip shit. The USA has never been attacked by any foreign country at home, and never will. Unlike England. We actually have the might and power to defend our selves. 300 million strong and United. We are your big brother now little England, and always will be.

  14. England has the largest Navy in WW1 and WW2. The second largest was Germany. England then reduced its Navy ship after the second world two to keep peace, in order for nothing like it to never happen again. Do go coming with the bull shit that America is the best. Also the first day the U.S joined the second world war, 130,000 Americans died because they didn;t follow the orders of the British.

  15. Blablabla, who is stronger? I DONT GIVE A FUCK.
    Get a life you wankerrrsss…


  16. First of all. Size doesn’t matter. It’s all about strength! The U.S has over 3000 nuclear weapons… Not including a few in the UK which it owns. 1 of those little bitty nukes could tear Baby U.K in half. And Yeah ok… sure U.K had the strongest navy in the world and maybe the 3rd strongest army, but that was over 200 years ago my friend. Since WW2 or should I say WW1 the U.S has dominated the world. Thats why no foreign country has ever stepped foot in this country

  17. Wars plural? Which wars? The US is a colony of the UK. Whilst we were fighting you, we were also fighting against France and the Netherlands, as well as battling in India. You have an advantage due to your size but ultimately, you’re pretty weak minded and no where near as strong as the British race. Furthermore, you have no history.

  18. No sorry I don’t follow. You follow me. Your following my comment because I commented first. You follow me because my country beat yours in war, and you follow me because my country has the strongest military in the world and because your country is just a little island with illiterate dumbfucks living on it. With a old lady that looks like a dog as one of its leaders.

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