Celtic will not be going round the world as part of a preseason tour, but instead, they will be heading south in order to prepare for the new season. Manager Neil Lennon has welcomed this change by saying that this would help him achieve better results. He is against the policy of world tours as part of the pre-season because it does little to help improve the condition of players. Instead of going round the world on world tours, it would be beneficial if clubs spent their training region nearby.

Celtic enjoyed a lot of success last season and Lennon has put a lot of it down to the pre-season tour they had in rural Germany. Lennon has admitted that going round the world may be better for the club in terms of financial results, but it does not help improve the condition of the players, which is essential over the course of the campaign. Celtic managed to win two major trophies, while also reaching the knockout stages of the Champions league as well. Celtic will once again be returning to the same place where they had their pre-season last time around and Lennon is delighted to be back in Germany.

After being linked with several clubs like Everton over the summer, it looks like Lennon will stay at Celtic for the time being.

“Those tours were productive from a financial point of view but maybe not from a footballing point of view. There was a lot of travelling involved. I remember on one trip we missed four or five days’ worth of training because of the travelling. To be fair to the board, they’ve backed us again by allowing us to return to Germany. This worked for us last season and it got us the results we wanted,” said Lennon.