25 replies on “Wayne Rooney interviews Leon Osman and Leighton Baines | FATV”

  1. tbh im an arsenal fan and i think baines is one of the best english players

  2. Just because the accent isn’t American doesn’t mean it isn’t english. Grow up

  3. You must be kidding yourself.
    Where did you get the idea that the brazilian league is not inferior to other leagues?!

  4. Brazilian league is not inferior compared to other leagues and especially Premier League.Definitely Neymar is not a sissy hahah and if watch him playing most of the times he gets fouled cause they cant get the ball from him.Ronaldo also does tricks like Neymar you didint mention anything about him..Oh and just to remind you last year he was nominated the best goal of the year..Where was Rooney back then???I guess you should start watching rugby mate and eat popcorn at home..football is not for u

  5. Neymar is nowhere near the standard of any English player in the Premiership. the Brazil – England match proved it. Neymar couldn’t handle Cahill.

  6. What a joke..Every time Neymar comes up against decent oppostion he chokes(England, Barca). If he proves himself in Europe then it can be debated which one is better, but at the moment Rooney is better than Neymar no question. You must be one of those idiot kids who watch youtube videos to judge a player’s skill. I’m guessing you think Scholes, Pirlo and Xavi are shite since there don’t do meaningless tricks.

  7. Eventhough I was born at England, and I didn’t grow up there, I still know what Rooney was talking about…

  8. Lol you must have 7 years old.
    Only the kid love Neymar,he’s a sissy,just do trick,overrate,never good in big games and play in a little Championship.
    Srsly learn what football is about and come back;)
    I guess for u Scholes is a bad player because he dont do trick and dont run fast??Did im wrong…

  9. What the fuck is Rooney saying? Goddamn it learn English…. FFS Mertesacker and Drogba speak better English..

  10. what the fuck did neymar do against england yesterday? what did rooney do? argument fucking settled.

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