13 replies on “Wales 4-1 England – Football British Home Internationals 1980”

  1. @MrWFCFAN I agree. There would be a much better atmosphere and it would
    make it much more uncomfortable for visiting international sides. You only
    have to look at some of the results Northern Ireland have had at Windsor
    Park in recent years to see the advantages of playing in such stadiums.

  2. We should play the home nations games again at least the players had
    passion for the games! FIFA is so corrupt and many Brazilians don’t want us
    to go to the World Cup! Just the thieves and whores!

  3. A good Welsh team but possibly the slowest England team ever and I’m
    including the chess 3rd 11.

  4. @millard27 thats youre bet then? 4 nil eng wins?!! youre in a good mood
    then tommorow youll regret that statement! rooneys too important theres a
    reason why capello reignited his hernia over it cos’ its still a crucial
    game! 2-1 switzerland WIN

  5. @millard27 so its a bet then? eng gettin a 3rd goal on My team next time
    round? comn then lets hear youre prediction that is if you even Have one!

  6. ‘r dywyllwch blanc chan ‘r euros ydy gwrymiau sneaking oddi na ble yn
    byddaru ‘r byd

  7. I remember going to Upton Park in April 1982 as a visiting Swansea City
    supporter v West Ham. Much banter between the fans! At one point we started
    chanting “4-1” to the home fans in refence to this famous English defeat.
    The Hammers fans jumped over the fences and rushed us (it was the eighties
    remember). The police made a cordon around the few hundred Swansea fans to
    protect us. Great fun!

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