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  1. Pleading guilty. I thought the NH teams played stodgy rugby and taped and replayed these at 2x during the season. How wrong could I be!? Thx Ozzeh123.
    Italy may have to concede their position though. Georgia, Romania could provide better opposition. Who wouldn't want to see Gorgodze imposing his will on the soft white of the Home Nations.

  2. I'm an American who just wanted to see what rugby was like because I was interested. And holy shit does football look like child's play.

  3. The differences in coaching ability and technical nous is truly shown in the second half . This is no dig at Howley , more at Gatland . Cotter and Ohalloran have quite rightly turned Scotland into a team who prefer to have a crack and play at speed .My god wales are more then capable of doing the same but running at players , putting up bombs when they could actually spread the ball and cut back into supporting players .
    I really hope Wales do a proper shake up of there entire coaching system because honestly its bloody ancient in terms of rugby playing . Scotland have shown that yes the years taken to develop the style hurt but the reward is far more enjoyable . Come on WRU get your act together .

  4. I remember two games Wales v Scotland in Edinburgh where we travelled up their and didn't get o the game. Damned Scottish beer.

  5. Literally no way we as wales can win the six nations but there is always next year

  6. comes to something when your supposed kickers turn down an oppurtunity to bring the scores level, then to make matters worse you give away a penalty from the line out, at least if you made the kick you would get the ball back, Alun Wynn Jones has no balls, he's the captain, he should of said take the kick, but he didn't, so why is he captain ? idiot

  7. You should live stream matchs like wales ireland or scotland england this weekend

  8. What a game, Welsh away awsome as always, Celtic clashes one big Clanfest luv it, can we dream about doing the English at Twickenham, tall tall order but you never know, if we don't do it hope the Irish do…c.Mon Scotland.

  9. I know I'm bias because I'm Scottish but is Hogg the best player in the world? who's better?

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