25 replies on “Roy Hodgson visits possible training camps for England for the World Cup in Brazil 2014”

  1. How is he a shit manager? I’m a West Brom fan and i can tell you he’s the best English manager at the moment for the team without a doubt, don’t talk shit about him. West Brom wouldn’t be in the Premier League right now if it weren’t for this guy, nor would England have managed to take the Italy game to penalties.

  2. I like Roy, he seems like a really nice bloke and is well spoken. I just hope he is brave enough to pick some younger players for the qualifiers. Keep important players like Gerrard and Terry. But even then Gerrard will be 34 at the world cup so i’m not sure. Good luck England!

  3. If FIFA was smart it would of been a great few years for both sides of the world. Olympics London 2012, FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, Olympics in RIO then it could of been FIFA World Cup 2018 England. 🙁

  4. Who won euro 2012 and the world cup 2010 .. i went on a tour for 5 years ow yea and who won euro 2009

  5. i would recommend a base in Sao Paulo, one of the best public transport networks there is

  6. He can’t be that bad really, two years before a international tournament and he’s checking the training facilities. And he gets along with the players, he’s not that bad really

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