20 replies on “New Zealand 27-18 Australia – World Rugby U20 Championship”

  1. Great win and humble reply by the NZ captain. Where was the acknowledgement from the opposing captain?

  2. Getting bored of these hakas. They really need to do it less often but keep it for special matches.


  4. +worldrugby can I please make the following recommendations for your coverage. Firstly, please don't put the score in the title, secondly, please show the time and score at the top of the video as they do in an actual game, and thirdly please title the year of the video. IE NZ v Aus World Rugby U20 Championship 2018 – Because there are many years of u20 highlights here.

  5. Australian Rugby still weak and useless The NRL has all the talent OZ Rugby is on its knees

  6. Again the NZ pack looks small I think they're gonna struggle against France in the semis they've been lucky so far to play teams with small packs but I think the French forwards could dominate and starve NZ back line of possession

  7. B. Blacks need to watch their discipline if they want to win the whole thing. Too many players getting sent off. Its a decent BBlacks team. Not as good as last years team though IMO from what Ive seen

  8. Rugby Union the game of the people in Nz
    Rugby Union the game of the poshed in Australia?
    I whished that in both country was a big sport but the aussies preferer league ..

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