23 replies on “Lionel Messi vs Paris Saint Germain HD 720p (04/08/2012)”

  1. Messi did like 5-6 assists to Affelay the last 2 games…. Whats wrong with him :S

  2. Are you fucking retarded?

    Look at the direction of the ball, Messi actually has to run a couple of meters more than the defender to catch the ball, the game is not one-dimensional you know..
    Messi underneath Cr? Allow to to laugh… Messi can do those fancy tricks if he wants to, but he doesnt need them to destroy his opponents.
    Messi needs 1 move to beat 5 defenders, Cristiano cant even beat 1 defender with 20 moves… Messi will forever be above him, cristianofans lives in denial…

  3. I might have missed something in your comment, but are you implying that Ronaldo’s “freestyle tricks” actually do something?

  4. Is Barcelona really going to [play Tello this season? I think Tello needs to go back to Barcelona B for now the guy cant score goals.

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