22 replies on “Lionel Messi vs Brazil HD 720p (09/06/2012)”

  1. “last year Ronlado was better than messi in goals and assists”

    Err, CR never lead Messi in assists since 2007. 2010/11 season assists in La Liga: Messi 18, CR 10.

    Don’t make shit up to defend your bs claims

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  3. ronaldo has to use skills to get pass players MOST of the time, whereas messi dribbles pass players. messi has better vision

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  5. last year Ronlado was better than messi in goals and assists and he did not win the ballon dor and broke the record of most goals scored in the la liga and nobody cared and now messi does it and everybody cared so fuck you and your little fanboy ass_I_ and I Don’t support madrid nor ronaldo I’m an arsenal fan

  6. “CR’s game is all about goals[…][CR9] has a good cross, two good feet” You’re contradicting your self mate.

    “he’s nowhere near Messi’s class as a footballer” This is just ridiculous. Don’t let your blind man love for Messi downgrade the greatness that is also CR9. If anything you should appreciate them both for what they do without a bias.

    Check me out! Im a 16 year old Talent From Canada


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