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  1. (more on REPLY) thats why this years i changed my soccer number to 39 which turned out very well, my first 3 games 2 goals and i scored the 1st goal of the season for my team, I’m a forward and admire barcelona a lot and cuenca too.
    resume could you please make a video about isaac cuenca #39 before or now #23. thanks
    thumbs up so he can see it.

  2. resume make an ISAAC CUENCA VIDEO PLEASE.
    hey men your videos are amazing and please keep making more, they are so so good and about everything that has to do with barcelona and their players not only messi, you also do xavi iniesta tello valdes whichs is great, could you please make a video about cuenca even thought he is not in his best moments, he was but fell down with the contract with the first div. team, he was better when played for barcelona and was in barcelona B, (more on REPLY)

  3. Dude Go Check AC1881TV’S Channel Lionel Messi- A talent That Comes Around Once In A Lifetime!
    You wont Regret It! 😀

  4. Wie didn’t try to do the same video as CR7lasselsons because he edits the clips much more than we do/did. We liked the song very much so we decided to use it in our video and in the description of CR7lasselsons he wrote the download link of the music so that everyone can use it.

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    مورينهو و كرستيانو و بيبي ههههههههههههههههههه

  6. OMG, I’m wondering how many times I will attack Barca’s fans there on yt when they sound like Messi’s haters and Ronaldo lovers…
    I don’t have idea about that what you are asking, BTW
    Visca Barca

  7. ? i was wondering. obviously people can’t make their own versions of songs and so they copy cr7lasselsons version of this song cause this is his version.

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