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  1. I hate when people hate ronaldo on messi videos and messi on ronaldo videos.. Maaan They are great individually at their own level of football.

  2. messi isn’t great because of xavi and inesta… xavi and inesta are great because of lionel messi!!!
    From Madrid#

  3. how about brazilian ronaldo ??? come and talk about sm1 who won fifa player of year 3 times , highest goal scorer in world cup and won world cup as well ???

  4. this is why messi is the best. Pele or madarona couldn’t do this amazing like messi back to their time. And CR7 is just a joke to compare to messi. For ronaldo fans, find something like this that cristiano ronaldo do and won 3 Balloon d’Or 3 year in a row, then come and talk to me. Otherwise, just shut up!!

  5. fuck those people who said messi didn’t do anything for argentina. Look at how great he did for argentina in this video. Look at ronaldo, at portugal, all he need to do is just to be a good finisher, good striker because he can’t pass and he has nani to take care of that. But messi, he has to be a good finisher, creator and playmaker at the same time for his team. He is everything for argentina. His responsibility is way more heavier than ronaldo’s at portugal.

  6. 1:45 beats a few Madrid players, head up, threads an absolutely sublime pass right in the path of Villa. This is what separates him from Cristiano and everyone else in my opinion. Superb vision.

  7. there should be a compilation video of barcelona fast short combinations

  8. really nice video,messi is a best drblr in the world now but maradona,ronaldhino and brazilian ronaldo is better than him in passing……he has good through passes vision but ronaldinho,brazilian ronaldo and maradona they all have all type passes vision…whatever messi is best player in the world now.

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