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  1. I agree with you and I love how he does all that fake/dummy, its a unique thing(or skill should I say) to him but remember every player has his own still like C.Ronaldo with all his flawless fancy tricks.
    But in the end they’re both very skillful players, some say Messy ­čÖé , some say C.Ronaldo ­čśÇ big diffidence but same goal in mind ┬╗┬╗ Entertain while having fun.
    Remember gotta find your own ways to survive´╗┐ in the jungle :p

  2. Why is the top comment not for everybody to notice the end of the song “came´╗┐ came came came uhhhhhh” EPIC

  3. the speed of the movements are his skills, he’s so fast when he changes the direction… you dont know where he is going to move!,when i wach him play i say: left or´╗┐ right or left… ok maybe straight….. omg!

  4. fuck you bitch. i can’t enjoy one messi video without having to read some dumbass like you´╗┐ talking shit on one of the greatest player of our generation.

  5. Messi gets compared to Maradona,´╗┐ Pele, Johan Cruyff.
    Ronaldo gets compared to Messi. There is your answer ­čÖé

  6. Hi, check my´╗┐ friend video about Lionel Messi. ­čÖé

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