23 replies on “Lionel Messi – From an Ordinary Boy to a Legend | The Official Movie 2012 ||HD|| By Vahan Jan”

  1. Messi became a Legend when he was 19 years old(Hatrrick against Madrid).

    Alexander the great became am Legend when he was around 30.

    Leo will show us much more than what he did yet, if u ask me.

  2. messi is the best …… c.ronaldo is good traind his whole life to became this far respect for that but messi is not human when he touch the ball that feeling that he give me magic!!!! #NOHOMO LOL

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  4. When my Grandchildren sit and listen to the stories of my life, i would proudly be able to tell them about the Argentinian who took on the world. The man never cheated, the man who always gave his best shot, the man who stayed standing when others would fall. I would so proudly tell them i witnessed when he destroyed Arsenal, when he left Manchester stunned, when he demolished the defences of Madrid and when he left the World speechless after his goal against Getafe.
    Messi – A True Legend.

  5. Messi U Will Be Barcelona Best Player For Ever , Basela The Argentinian Legend Said:Ronaldo Is The Best Player In The Whole World , But Messi Is From Another Planet

  6. Messi is the Best ever!
    im from Portugal but i dont like RONALDA.he is like a woman.
    greetings for you all

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