25 replies on “Lionel Messi Caps 82 Goal Season with Hat Trick vs Brazil! 4-3 Argentina vs Brazil ALL GOALS”

  1. hahahahahha then´╗┐ your completely stupid,his assist rate alone for argentina is outrageous,its like having the best finisher,dribbler and assister in one team when messi is on it.

  2. You’re not portuguese…. You’re just´╗┐ making yourself look like one so you can get thumbs up for admitting that messi is better… what an attention whore and what a shame you must be to the country you are from…

  3. Exactly then what would messi be without barca… nothing this is what everybody still questions about messi. I try to get everyone off his bandwagon of´╗┐ being so good your just lost for words. He is but there are a decent amount of other players that i would consider better then messi in today’s time.

  4. And this is´╗┐ my last post for you, I have alot of other things I can use my intellectual potential for. And you aren’t one of them.

  5. I dont think you can differentiate between individual players and a TEAM. You can have the best players in the world together, but if they cant play well as a TEAM then they wont accomplish much. Uruguay is a perfect example. They by no means have the most polished players in the world, but they’re one of the best teams in the world. And´╗┐ this is what you fail to understand, that if Argentina cant play together, having the best player in the world wont make much of a difference.

  6. stop your lame excuses on the other team mates. This is a perfect example of messi on a different team then barca. All those players you mentioned aren’t bad but are they considered the best in the world NO, there right´╗┐ next to that though but not the best. Were talking about messi considered to be the best, scoring a lot of goals is what your supposed to do and what your expected if xavi had more goals then messi every season who do you think would have the spotlight….. exactly, smart one.

  7. argentina was knocked out in the semi finals to the eventual winners. 2010, he had to carry the team on his back, thats why he had a shit load of´╗┐ assists because their midfield was nonexistant and he had to drop back to help htem build plays. And if you’re judging players on goals, then I guess zidane was shit, maldini was shit, xavi and iniesta are shit. Stop arguing before you hurt yourself

  8. ohhh really how ignorant´╗┐ one….. have you watch the past tournaments messi was in. Well apparently not? knocked out right away by uraguay, copa america 2011… messi had 0 goals. 2010 world cup… wait a second messi again 0 goals. no one cares about these friendlies THEY DON’T COUNT AS ANYTHING. Learn smart one:)

  9. yea now lets see messi do that when its actually important to win, like in´╗┐ the world cup or copa america. ohhhh wait he can’t.

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