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  1. Plzzz watch this video i made of Lionel Messis TOP 15 DRIBBLES 08-12.. heres the link >>>>> sj08w-rCfN8

  2. Yeah, Heskey’s monumental moment in the World Cup when he did an over-step was a high-point for England. It just struck fear into our opponents, because they realised that he wasn’t just a massive lump who could get on the end of some hoof-balls, he was also a man who could cut through a defence like a hot knife through butter with an over-step/trip over the ball.

  3. i just don’t understand how people can even argue that Ronaldo is better? Oh well…

  4. Zidane is one of the best ever but you guys have to be honest messi is way better then him messi has it all he has playmakeing skills dribling he can be a 9 a winger

  5. A lot of people think messi is overrated, he can’t perform without xavi and iniesta and bla bla bla… I like argue with them and when I prove them with facts they are wrong, do not answer me anymore or accept my point as Pickpit did or start insulting me. It’s early to say he is the best ever, but as Sir Alex Ferguson said, is up there with the greatest. All we can do is watching messi’s genious and if someone doesn’t like,well it’s their problem.

  6. Now for me, i agree Messi is the best player EVER to live, Maradona maybe so, but when people argue about Pele, i mean c’mon, he coward away from Europe all his career, off topic, but just saying. And to PicKPiT, how can a player that has broke uncountable records be overrated, unbelievable…

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Messi’s positioning is the best there is! watch a barca game sir, you know nothing.

  8. Messi is probably the only player in history to be truthful and and play like a man and hes only 5″7 and players twice his size try to tackle him but they end up on the ground, the ball ends up in the back of the net, and messi ends up celebrating.

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