25 replies on “JOEY BARTON INCIDENT AGAINST MANCHESTER CITY 13 05 2012 FULL – YouTube.flv”

  1. Joey Barton is a fucking skinny scraty bastard balotelli would fucking own him

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  3. Do it to Balotelli or Hulk.. They will eat you alive without scare of any card..

  4. Of course he is. He is great with giving injury time. And that is how Manchester City 3-2 was made! (Well somewhat.)

  5. I hate Man City, but man, Joey Barton has proved time and time again that he is a massive, attention seeking prick

  6. kids watch this and think that joey barton is cool… joey is a shame of english football,dickheads like him should be banned for life

  7. lol Kompany was going to pummel Barton and Barton tried to headbutt him lol.

  8. Barton is a violent little idiot. The sooner football is rid of him the better.

  9. people need to realise dat barton knows what his doin! most of his outbursts always seem unprovoked! trust me behind joey barton are sum geezers cashing in at the bookies

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