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  1. Christian Hip Hop changed my life!… Well, prayer changed my life. But CHH was a strong catalyst!

  2. I was sitting on the third tier overlooking the 22 on the west stand when Gareth scored that wonderful 55 yrd try.

  3. Watched this as a neutral and enjoyed some nice rugby. Scotland seemed to be trying to bring in some Pro14/Glasgow Warriors style rugby which leaves too much room for errors at this level. While Wales were clinical I think they were handed this win on a plate and may feel confident going up against one of the two big boys next week. I can see Wales put up a fight but England are able to change up gear and will be top much for what looks to be a promising Welsh team. They should beat Italy, 50/50 against France and against the other of the big boys it will be tough but Ireland to have too much. All in all a nice turn around for a Welsh team that everyone wrote off. My fav team in the 6N to watch. Good stuff boys.

  4. I know why the Scots got spanked. It was because Stuart Hogg isn't here.
    Fair play to Wales, great game.

  5. It's good to see a real highlights show, this is how it should be done. Champions cup and Aviva Premiership think 90 seconds is ok – it isn't. Champions cup may not even show all the tries.

  6. Jury is still out on Wales. Scotland didn't test them. Let's see how the leeks get on in Twickenham.

  7. I am the first one to complain at refereeing decisions going against Wales but I must say Scotland had a rough time of the referee against Wales. Especially in the breakdown and that last try scored by Steff Evans was undoubtedly a forward pass. I'm still thrilled at how Wales played and regardless of a couple of decisions Wales still would have won but we've got to admit that the ref's weren't perfect.

    Sorry I'm Welsh but I've always loved the Scottish team and feel like they have been famously hard done by referee's.

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