12 replies on “England’s Worst Football Moments – Coldplay – Beckham Retires Memories”

  1. Against Portugal there was something wrong with the spot, the ref should
    have switched to the other end. The players all put the ball right on the
    edge of the spot and had to jump on it to flatten the mud.

  2. “History became legend. Legend became myth. And for 47 years, the world cup
    passed out of all knowledge.”

  3. I would have to say that the “Hand of Clod” goal against the USA was
    England’s “best” worst moment. Another bad moment going WAY back was
    England’s defeat by the USA in the 1950 World Cup.

  4. I’m English and I’m pretty synical when it comes to our side. But the truth
    is we have been extremely unlucky when it comes to football.

  5. Hey, thanks for your feedback. Apart from the name of the video, what
    things did you like/ dislike about the video. I know the howler your’e
    talking about, had to fit all the clips into the time of the song though 🙁
    Sorry about that.

  6. What the hell is this? Should be renamed England’s worst moments. The
    goalkeeper made a howler against Croatia in England as well.

  7. Sorry I didn’t read the description, I thought it was a wind up. You could
    include Phil Neville’s last minute tackle against Romania at Euro 2000
    which eliminated England.

  8. Pop songs with football footage is just wrong. Plain wrong. Like mascara on
    a man. Wrong.

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