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  1. I think Spain will win the EURO 2012 ..
    Look at the Spanish 1st eleven player , Real Madrid + Barcelona …
    Casillas , Puyol , Pique , Ramos , Arbeloa , Busquet , Alonso , Iniesta , Xavi , Pedro , Villa …

  2. I don’t buy the Spain hype. They struggled against Switzerland and Paraguay in the World Cup and was lucky to beat the Germans.
    They definitely bought that World Cup.

  3. Spain is playing the friendlies like friendlies, to probe. And all the rivals are trying to beat the world´s champions. Madrid and Barcelona´s players don´t gonna risk in a frendly, with the league so competed. Last 45 officials games: 41W 2T 2L

  4. @Veritas1925 sorry but, when you say “Spain have lost ALL the matches they played after ‘winning’ the WC-2010” are you including the 8 games that spain have played and won in the euro qualifiers??

  5. actually the defence was still doing great without scott parker for around 70 minutes when he was brought in, we had 29% not 21, you could easily argue spain are not the best team in the world as they have had heavy friendly defeats by a shitload of countries, also we could not have lost heavily because englands defence tactic was virtually almost impossible for spain to break through, we were using so many reserves/subs, not many of our starting 11 were even in match

  6. u know that 21 pluss 71 = 92 right? and i though it was out of 100. besides there are no excuses for loosing. they had more possesion cos of their play style. it means nothing keeping the ball all the time if u do nothing with it.

  7. portugal dominated spain though and won 4-0 which should been 5-0 and in the world cup they scored an offside goal… Spain aren’t the best team on the planet no doubt, not saying portugal are though… :O

  8. @Veritas1925 Settle down mate, did you watch the match? Spain dominated us. We had 21% possesion to their 71%, they had 21 shots, whilst we had 3, if it wasn’t for our defense & Parker, we would have lost… heavily. They’re the best team in the world, no question.

  9. does anyone know the name of the entrance music? its on every international game …

  10. england….once again you give us hope. SO PLEASE DONT FUCK IT UP AND CRUMBLE IN EURO PLEASE! were like the arsenal of international football only dwelling on the past and crumble under pressure. i blame the media tbh

  11. Well done boys! Lescott and Parker were warriors. The whole team were great but them 2 were the ones that stood out for me. I’m well made up. Hopefully we can now move forward and look forward to the Euro’s full of confidence.

  12. no one said they didnt want to win it but do you really think they would have put up a performance like that in a world cup match? and besides, they took off xavi, iniesta, silva and casillas – this was after they went 1-0 down… doesnt really look as if del bosque wanted to win it that much if hes taking off his match winners for youngsters while losing.. so yeah there is such thing as a friendly

  13. No such thing as a friendly…..you don’t turn up to a match not wanting to win it.
    A young second England team beat the World champions who had a full strength squad out and were desperate to win it.

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