Celtic suffered an exit into Scottish club at the hands of Aberdeen after suffering a 2-1 loss at home. Neil Lennon took the blame after the match by saying that there was nothing from the Celtic side to assure him that they would win the match.

Celtic have been coasting for most of the season due to the lack of a proper threat following their relegation of Rangers. They are close to sealing the Scottish league title, while the Champions League remained as one of the chief objectives of the campaign in the first half.

Celtic came into the Aberdeen match after having won the last four encounters in all competitions, but they were dominated by the away team in all areas of the pitch. Lennon told a liverpool fanzine that his team displayed no signs of hunger and dynamism, which have been the hallmark of his teams in the past. As a result, Celtic have gone out of the Scottish cup at the quarter-final stage, which is the first time it has happened in 32 years. Even though they have almost 20 points over Aberdeen in the league, they did not demonstrate disadvantage on the pitch.

As a result, only the league title remains as the possible title for the club this campaign and it is hardly a motivation with the absence of Rangers.

“We have to show a bit of character, we all have to take the criticism and finish the campaign really well with a view to going into next season. We were desperate to defend the trophy, we worked very hard this week, and for it to be as poor as that? It happens in football, it’s a cup tie, but I want more from my players. I should demand more and I should get more,” said Lennon after the match.