Celtic FC going through Superb Time in Scottish Premier League

The Scottish club Celtic FC is experiencing a campaign with superb results in the Scottish Premiership League as they are at the top after having collected a total of 35 points from the 15 league matches which have been played and has only conceded 9 goals.

It’s a slightly different story when you see their results and their position in the UEFA Europa League as Celtic FC has booked their spot into the last 32 teams that are remaining in the European competition but it has not been an easy ride as the Scottish club conceded 11 goals in 6 matches. It’s an underwhelming track record when you compare it to how they are doing in the Scottish League but nonetheless, the side of Ronny Deila still managed to qualify into the next stages of the UEFA Europa League along with the table-toppers Salzburg.

The last match of Celtic FC in the group stages of the UEFA Europa League was played against Salzburg in a match that concluded with a scoreboard that displayed 4-3 with Salzburg winning the match and even though Celtic FC conceded 4 goals and lost the match, they still qualified to the next rounds of the European competition.

Ronny Deila admitted in saying that his squad played poorly against Salzburg and even after having conceded 4 goals, the Norwegian coach of Celtic FC will not be focusing on strengthening his defence during the January transfer window.

“I believe we have the players here who can defend a lot better. It is more about the formation and way we play.We have the players to play good defence. I don’t think that’s the main problem. In this game we were more offensive than we would be away from home normally in Europe and conceded too many goals’’ Ronny Deila said as he remains confident in the defensive abilities of his players.

Everton, Inter Milan, Athletic Bilbao, Fiorentina and Olympiakos are the possible opponents that Celtic FC in the next stages of the UEFA Europa League and it will be a very difficult road for the Scottish side from now on as they have to play against some of Europe’s top clubs.